Compassion a skill held in high regard by many  Low by some  Sought after and disregarded  But always Welcome when received Compassion Is a mainstay of the Human Soul An enabler Of civilization Without it where would we be What would we be Would civilization be able to continue  Without a mainstay of the human […]


Reunions both bitter and sweet Will it be everything you dreamed Or everything you feared What will be said When old friends or family reunite What blessing or what curses Shall issue forth Will there be happiness or pain Lies or truth Do you long for reunion with those present on this earth Or those […]

Thin Silver Line A Look Back

This job chews you up We see the worst of humanity Everyday we’re hated Just cause of the uniform we wear Every day called names And cussed at Suicide attempts Overdoses Fights Always on the lookout Always suspicious Paranoid Anxiety Depression Just a few gifts from 10 years Still I don’t know if I would […]


So often overlooked Is one of the mainstays of any Relationship It makes and breaks then Friendships and romances It is a blessing and a curse Blessing in almost all circumstances Except when tied to those Who don’t deserve it Whether that be a company A brand, a friend, or a lover Be careful whom […]

Rain like grace

Rain like grace washes the world clean Grace like rain washes my sins away 2 words so alike in action with 2 different meanings Both wash away But only one has the power to save your soul The other can save or it can drown At the mercy of nature’s whim Let the rain wash […]


In all things give thanks Is what we are told But that’s easier said than done It’s hard to be thankful during struggles and hardship Its hard when Life is against you But God wants us to live with a different mindset Than the world He wants us to remember All the things we have […]


What can I say about family that hasn’t been said What insight can i give I don’t know but let me share what it is to me Whether found or born by blood Family is easily the most important thing  There is Family is the glue that puts us back together When we fall apart […]


Stand for something or sacrifice everything You’ve heard it before Hell you’ve probably said it at some point We’ve all met those wishy washy people That just go with the flow They don’t seem to have any standards Any real beliefs Sometime I wonder what it’s like  To go through life with so little conviction […]


Integrity is defined as adherence to moral or ethical principles Or the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished Integrity is a hell of a thing It can make or break a person Or an organization If the members of an organization  Don’t have integrity than it follows neither does the organization For what is […]

Leaders and Followers

Leaders and followers It’s impossible to be a leader without Someone following Cause then who or what are you leading Employees and followers  Need Leaders and supervisors People when left to their own devices Rarely do what they ought to do People as a general rule don’t consider  The bigger picture How everything and everyone  […]