As I progress into a great unknown I look towards changes that are to come To new opportunities arising As others leave I’m leaving my blue and silver family Plunging into the unknown I asked myself so many times Should I stay or should I go But finally the answer was go And so I […]

The Weight of it all

Sometimes the weight of it all comes crashing down The weight of expectations The weight of your hopes and fears The weight of your dreams Both new and old Broken and shattered New and full of life It all comes crashing together in waves Threatening to drown you Threatening to engulf you How do you […]


Introverted All my life I have been introverted Shunning most social events And most people But these days I long to be extroverted I long for the ease I see other people have in conversations And social interactions When I struggle to introduce myself  I struggle to speak I struggle to find the words But […]