The precipice

Feels like I’m on the edge now The edge of a precipice The edge of something great Or something horrible I can’t tell which I know how I got here But I don’t know Whether to take the plunge Or scramble back from the edge All below is shrouded with fog Could be just a […]

The Burning Edge Of Dawn

When you’re trapped in endless night You’re always waiting on the burning edge of dawn You’re always waiting for the sun To show up like a bullet from a gun You’re always waiting on peace But never finding it For rain to fall down on the war-torn fields Through which you wander Trying your best […]

Be Kind to Yourself

You’re full of emotion That’s heaving like a raging ocean I can hear it in your spirit That if you had a choice you’d rather Be anyone else But I love the way I made your precious heart Be kind to yourself I know its hard to hear it When that anger in your spirit […]

An Oasis

Sometimes life brings you To an Oasis A calm beautiful place Where you can rest and recuperate Sometimes when you need it most You’ll find it Sometimes it’s a person Sometimes it’s a song Or a book You never know what form The oasis will take But it’s a chance to rest A chance to […]

A Journey Ended

Almost 11 years ago I set out on a journey One I never thought I would I started a career in Law Enforcement For almost 11 years I toiled and I struggled I gave my life to an organization with lofty goals That sometimes failed to live up to them I was there through thick […]

Life A River Rushing

Life is always dragging you on Like a river rushing Swollen with snow melt Or after a heavy rain Life never lets you linger In the moments you wish could continue on forever Life is short And it rushes ever on But take faith Because even when life is bad And you feel hopeless The […]


I heard something interesting The other day about hope Hope is the belief that the future will be better And that you have the power to make it so Hope isn’t some vain wish in the dark Hope is the belief that you can affect the future In a positive way Hope is an essential […]

I hope

I hope one day I find you I hope one day I know you I wish to see you  I wish to find you But hopes and wishes Accomplish little They are passive actions That bring about nothing I would say I pray  But that’s a lie I seldom do It seems so useless to […]

New year new me?

New Year’s resolutions Rarely last More than a month Will this new year bring about a new me Or more of the same  What will I become this year Will I become more self confident  Will I lose weight Will I become more of an asshole More of a recluse I know not which path […]


Hope springs eternal so they say But that’s never been my experience Hope gives you the strength to go on Spite drives me through When hope was lost spite still existed The desire to go on was lost but still i persisted Still I exist Hope has come and gone But spite persisted How I […]