Can you hear the cacophony The dissonance of the many The smooth as honey tongues of False preachers and prophets That promise only prosperity If it sounds to good to be true it is They preach with their silver tongues Spewing forth bile that smells sickly sweet The masses lick it up as they are […]

I hope

I hope one day I find you I hope one day I know you I wish to see you  I wish to find you But hopes and wishes Accomplish little They are passive actions That bring about nothing I would say I pray  But that’s a lie I seldom do It seems so useless to […]

New year new me?

New Year’s resolutions Rarely last More than a month Will this new year bring about a new me Or more of the same  What will I become this year Will I become more self confident  Will I lose weight Will I become more of an asshole More of a recluse I know not which path […]

Walking Away

10 years and 8 months and I’m walking away What causes someone to walk away from their life for the last 10 years What causes someone to abandon the job they once loved There are many reasons Loss of faith in the administration Loss of belief in the ever constant statement that things are getting […]


Farewell means to perform well Or be well over a period of time Or to Travel well As I say Farewell to My Career in Law Enforcement I wish my brothers and sisters well I hope they live long and happy lives I hope they are safe But it’s no longer in me to do […]

I Wish

I wish I had the words I wish I could heal Your broken heart I wish I could stop the pain I wish I could make your life easier I wish I could stop the hate I hope in some small way I help because Lord knows I try I hope one day you’ll be […]


Sometimes you’ve got to bleed Sometimes you’ve got to grieve Sometimes you have to be down and out You can’t always be on top of the world You can’t always have someone by your side Sometimes the ones we love leave to soon Sometimes it’s all you can do to get out of bed Sometimes […]

Poets Words

A poet’s words Are forged in blood and tears Out of pain comes beauty Out of misery comes understanding Out of heartache comes compassion We transform one thing into another Through our blood sweat and tears We bring to life meaning Words beyond our reckoning They take on a life of their own The words […]

Life Is Short

Life is short No days are guaranteed You never know when your time will come So live always with no regrets For no days are guaranteed What does it mean though To live with no regrets Does it mean to always take the chance When you have it Cause that leads to regrets too I […]


Hope springs eternal so they say But that’s never been my experience Hope gives you the strength to go on Spite drives me through When hope was lost spite still existed The desire to go on was lost but still i persisted Still I exist Hope has come and gone But spite persisted How I […]