Life Is Short

Life is short

No days are guaranteed

You never know when your time will come

So live always with no regrets

For no days are guaranteed

What does it mean though

To live with no regrets

Does it mean to always take the chance

When you have it

Cause that leads to regrets too

I don’t know the answer

But maybe we can find it together

To me it means to always go after

What you want the most

Whether that be an opportunity

A job or a person

To spend time with the ones important

TIme is precious 

Don’t waste it on those who 

Don’t deserve it

The toxic

The abusive

Those with no loyalty

No compassion

Spend it with your Family

Spend it with your friends

Is that overtime really worth it

When you could be spending it with someone instead

Is that Job so important 

When it takes you away from your family

What are the most important things to you

Money is fleeting

And it truly doesn’t bring happiness

Write that book

Go on that vacation

See the mountains

Swim in the ocean

SIt down and listen to 

Your older relatives

Their times are short

Bask in their wisdom

Learn from their mistakes

And their defeats

But also their victories

You’ll always wish you spent more time with the later

You’ll always regret it when they’re gone 

If you don’t

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