Breathe again

You’re reeling from the pain The loss of a friend The loss of a partner Of a parent The loss of something Just sit down Try to breathe Let the pain wash over in waves Let the grief consume If only for a moment If you deny it, it will consume you entirely Just breathe […]


How many times Have you never had the courage to speak up Never had the courage to say The words burned into your heart You could be amazing You could be stronger You could be the change in someone’s life But you never say what you want to say I wan to see you be […]

Death and Life

2 sides of the same coin There is no life without death And no death without life All things need a beginning All things need an end What is death but the end That gives a life meaning A life everlasting on this earth Would be without meaning to me What meaning does death give […]

The Untouchable

What’s forever out of your reach What do you always strive for but Never seem to accomplish Is it someone Or something Is it inner peace Is it a better job Is it normalcy Normalcy is untouchable for me So is a sense of belonging I always seem to be on the outside Looking in […]

The Burning Edge Of Dawn

When you’re trapped in endless night You’re always waiting on the burning edge of dawn You’re always waiting for the sun To show up like a bullet from a gun You’re always waiting on peace But never finding it For rain to fall down on the war-torn fields Through which you wander Trying your best […]

Be Kind to Yourself

You’re full of emotion That’s heaving like a raging ocean I can hear it in your spirit That if you had a choice you’d rather Be anyone else But I love the way I made your precious heart Be kind to yourself I know its hard to hear it When that anger in your spirit […]

Listen up

Listen up and keep your chin up I know it feels like no one cares Like you’re not worth it I know the voices in your head Are rude and mean I know they’ve got you beat down They’re good at it But you’re worth more than you think You are one in 8 billion […]


The moment when you sit to write With inspiration in your mind When the words flow clean and smooth From some deep wellspring They fill the page With Glory and meaning Where it comes from its not always sure But that glorious moment when inspiration strikes And your words fill a page Other times its […]

An Oasis

Sometimes life brings you To an Oasis A calm beautiful place Where you can rest and recuperate Sometimes when you need it most You’ll find it Sometimes it’s a person Sometimes it’s a song Or a book You never know what form The oasis will take But it’s a chance to rest A chance to […]

A Journey Ended

Almost 11 years ago I set out on a journey One I never thought I would I started a career in Law Enforcement For almost 11 years I toiled and I struggled I gave my life to an organization with lofty goals That sometimes failed to live up to them I was there through thick […]