We Will Be Found

We will be Found One day we shall all be found We shall all be seen No more will we hide No more secrets No more shame I long to be found As do we all One day One day different for all We shall be found You’ll look around and be seen You’ll call […]

Death, Time and Love

Death, Time and Love 3 great constants That run through everything They give life meaning They give purpose Pain and Joy Death the great equalizer The great destroyer All things eventually die All things come to an end and so shall we MEMENTO MORI, CARPE DIEM Remember that you die, Seize the day Time the […]

Ships in the Night

We’re all passing each other by  Everyday like Ships in the night Heard and Seen but not truly We see the faintest outlines The broadest brushstrokes From these we create a ship in our minds Oftentimes vastly different that what they truly are We all so often ask how people fall for the wrong ones […]

Green Spaces

Green spaces  There is nothing quite like them Places to rejuvenate and and revitalize There are few things as wonderful As a hammock in a breeze Swaying gently listening to the sounds of nature Reveling in the beauty and wonder of nature There is much wisdom in the idea of greenbelts or greenways In this […]

Kindred Souls

It’s not often you meet a kindred soul Someone who’s been through the same Trials and tribulations you have Who’s persevered It’s both often you can find someone Who’s just a friend and thats all they are But your experiences match up so well That its like you’ve been through The same shit as each […]

Sailing the ocean blue

Almost 3 years have gone by and here i am sailing on the ocean blue Ecig on one side margarita on the other Noise cancelation on I’m about as lose to peace as i usually come Deck 11 mid contemplating 11 aft I’m grooving to my own music with the ships in the background Wondering […]


You stand on the precipice of the unknown With the proverbial rug ripped out from under you You feel alone and abandoned Justifiably pissed Frustrated Scared and alone A cliff on one side A long rocky thorny Slope back didn’t touch hell behind While you sit lost on a small plateau There’s a straight vertical […]

Copacetic or The Battle Within

Copacetic is an interesting word It has a lot of the letter from Apathetic And sounds quite similar at least to my ears Websters gives the definition of Copacetic as “in excellent order” Other definitions are given as “Completely satisfactory or OK” Apathetic could not be more different though “Having or showing little or no […]

Heart Full of Questions

I have a heart full of questions What does it mean to be Christian In this day and age The book answer is simple To be a little Christ But the answer of living out Gets complicated and blurred for many To me however it’s simple 8 words break down the meaning of it They […]