You stand on the precipice of the unknown

With the proverbial rug ripped out from under you

You feel alone and abandoned

Justifiably pissed


Scared and alone

A cliff on one side

A long rocky thorny

Slope back didn’t touch hell behind

While you sit lost on a small plateau

There’s a straight vertical cliff on another

With no handholds in sight

There’s still a way forward

A way to keep you hopes and dreams

It’ll be long and hard

But so has every route you’ve ever had

This time is different though

Friends calling out your name

Don’t you quit on me now

I never said it’d be easy

But I promise you there’s green pastures

Don’t quit on me now kid

Look at where you came from

I know it looks like shit right now

But you won’t believe the views from up here

Hell or high water we’re with you

We’re not leaving you the fuck alone out here

If I have to I’ll drag your happy ass up this hill myself

I’m not leaving you out here alone

Together we will figure this shit out

Don’t give up on me now

Don’t give up on yourself that’s all I ask

Together we’ll drag our assed off this shit hole cliff

Together we’ll make it out alive

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