Beauty In Everything

Whenever you start to doubt  Whether life is good When you need a pick me up Go wander through nature Listen to the babbling brook To the whisper of the leaves falling To the chatters and chirps of the birds Listen to the chittering of the squirrels Listen to creation singing The praise of it’s […]


We all have holes Gaps where we sense something Missing Some are people shaped We try to fill them With many things Both meaningless and meaningful Drugs, Women, Men, Cars Church, Religion, Spiritualism Friends, Lovers, Money Jobs, and Careers I’ve filled mine with The wrong friends The wrong lovers Who you fill it with Is […]


Hard fought and hard won We all expect it We all demand it But do we give it Respect comes in many forms Is displayed in many ways You demand and expect it But have you earned it You earn it by your words and deeds By giving even without receiving You cannot lead without […]

The Rocks

Firm steadfast unmovable Foundation upon which you build But what about when the rock Starts to crack It’s hard to be a rock For others to lean on No one ever asks if the rock is okay There’s always pressure Waiting to crack you What will others do if you break You can’t fail others […]

Battling Demons

What does it look like to battle your demons For ssome it looks just like a regular person They get up every day  Put a smile on and fight through their day For others its impossible to get up Everybody fights their own demons Whether they be  Depression Anxiety Alcoholism Addiction Bipolar PTSD Or something […]


Requiem definition: A musical service, hymn or dirge for the dead We often hear that life is to short But we never feel it till the death of a loved one We always wish that we had more time We think of the words left unsaid Of the actions left undone Of the time we […]

Brighter Days

There will be brighter days There will be darker days But right now I’m stuck under a gray colored sky Its neither melancholy or bright Its kind of just right For the way I’m feeling But I wonder when the sky will lighten When will my days and my moods be brighter I feel like […]