Battling Demons

What does it look like to battle your demons

For ssome it looks just like a regular person

They get up every day 

Put a smile on and fight through their day

For others its impossible to get up

Everybody fights their own demons

Whether they be 







Or something else

We all have our own demons

Even when someone looks like they’ve got it all together

Everyone is fighting something

How do you fight your battles

Do you fight them on your knees in prayer

With the assistance of medication

I fight mine with the assistance of meds

But i also fight them on my knees

Remeber every day you get up is a victory

Every day that you accomplish something is a victory

Yes sometimes you lose

But more often than not we win small battles everyday

More often than not we win the war

So find something small today

Something you can accomplish with a little effort

It doesnt have to be huge

But every accomplishment means something

Somedays it’s as simple as getting out of bed and taking a shower

Others it’s going for a walk

Putting down that drink

Going out and meeting someone

Or doing something new

These little everyday battles seem 

Insurmountable sometimes

But accomplish enough and see 

How far you’ve gone

Remember you’ve never truly lost until

You’re dead

Everything else can be overcome

Everything else can be worked on 

Or worked toward

So face your demons

Battle with them 

And make them regret that they’re yours

We’re all warriors in our own ways

So get up 

Get back out there 

And don’t surrender

I wont lie and say it’s easy

But it’s worth it

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