Integrity is defined as adherence to moral or ethical principles

Or the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished

Integrity is a hell of a thing

It can make or break a person

Or an organization

If the members of an organization 

Don’t have integrity than it follows neither does the organization

For what is an organization if not the sum of Its parts 

The people of any organization are the largest sum

Of the whole of an organization’s parts

So do you let integrity guide you and make you whole

Or do you willfully ignore it 

Do you follow the whole of the directives

WIth which you have been gifted for whether they are moral

Or work related these directives by which you should

Live and work are a gift

They give you a course upon which to steer

A guide when all is dark

Upon which to set sail and reach the everlasting shores

Or do you set out without a guiding purpose

WIth no course set 

Bringing ruination and despair with you

For there is no quicker way to ruin an organization

than by the destruction of it’s integrity

Which can be initially brought about by a select few

Who can influence others to abandon their own integrity

Thereby ruining the integrity of the organization slowly but surely

What is an organization without integrity 

A ship adrift upon the sea

Without purpose 

WIthout reason

An organization without integrity is 


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