Leaders and Followers

Leaders and followers

It’s impossible to be a leader without

Someone following

Cause then who or what are you leading

Employees and followers 

Need Leaders and supervisors

People when left to their own devices

Rarely do what they ought to do

People as a general rule don’t consider 

The bigger picture

How everything and everyone 

Works together towards the same goal

They don’t consider the cacophony that ensues

When some actively work against the agenda

Either through inaction or indifference

Some Leaders do the same however

Resulting in dissonance of the vision

Of the goal all are supposed to work towards

When leaders turn a blind eyes towards 

The inaction and or indifference of or outright rebellion of

Their followers and employees 

It causes dissatisfaction within the ranks

Leading to disquiet

Unease and a longing to leave

True uniformity of purpose top down and down top 

Is required to attempt to fix 

The dissolution of the the goal

Of the purpose for which all have come together

Only by working together as one team

By leading by doing can any hope of resolution 

Be found

The followers must have clarity of purpose

And belief in their leaders

From the top down that they have their backs 

That they’re all working together towards the same goal

Too often though

They feel like the people at the top 

Don’t have their best interests at heart

Or the leaders have dissonance between themselves

Leading to a greater cacophony at the lowest levels

As they no longer believe in their leaders

For it’s hard to believe in leaders when they all disagree

When they don’t work together

When you see good leaders be punished

And bad leaders be praised

The followers don’t know what to do

As they become disillusioned with leadership

They continue to leave in droves

Leaving behind a band-aid covering a leak

Contributing to the Disillusionment of the masses

Making the work harder for the leaders and the followers

Leading to the further disillusionment of the leaders 

Further complicating the reunification 

Of purpose and belief in each other 

That is required

For all to work towards the greater purpose

For which they all originally came together

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