Learning to Love yourself

Learning to love yourself It sounds so simple when said out loud It’s only 4 words after all Only 22 letters Only 6 syllables Yet it’s still a thing that has haunted mankind For generations If not all of time When your mind screams you’re not worthy When people say hurtful things When the intrusive […]


I’m driving home From a great weekend Seeing and spending time with people I love and miss That I never get to see While I was there just like always I’m different I’m a happier better version of myself It caused me to acknowledge A problem I’ve chosen to ignore A problem I don’t want […]

Different Battles

We all fight different battles We all fight the same war Making it through life with our hearts and minds intact Some battle depression Some battle anxiety Some battle bipolar disorder Some battle PTSD I battle depression and loneliness It is a fight that I have fought More times than I care to ever remember […]

I’ve been thinking

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About life in general and about mental illness. About watching yourself and making sure you take care of your own mental health. About watching out for your coworkers, friends, and family. About making sure they all take care of themselves. I’ve been of the opinion for a long time […]

My Spirit is a Roaring Sea

I’m born to ride the crashing waveTo conquer each challenge anewReady to fight, forever braveReady to face a foe like youOut from the shadows you appearAnd steal me from my sheltered homeThe day has come, the day we fearNow I must face you on my ownYou have me now, you didn’t askLust and greed your […]

A Toast to the Darkness

To the light at the end of the tunnels To the light at the top of the pits To the deepest and darkest pits of hell Into which we fall To the darkness before the light To the sunrise after the night To the tears we shed when we finally reach the end To the […]

Diseased Mind

My mind is diseased Fractured and incoherent In a million billion pieces Many of them forgotten or lost Days weeks months and years Lost and misplaced What all have I forgotten What joys what sorrow What anguish what triumphs How much have I willingly banished From my conscious mind How much is just simply misplaced […]