When all of our flaws are laid out One by one We see the wonderful part of the mess That is us Our flaws are tied to us intrinsically Some of us wear our flaws on our sleeves Some of us bury them deep within The ground But we cannot separate Ourselves from  Them completely […]


How many times Have you never had the courage to speak up Never had the courage to say The words burned into your heart You could be amazing You could be stronger You could be the change in someone’s life But you never say what you want to say I wan to see you be […]

Lemon Tree

Couldn’t fall asleep last night So I tried counting sheep But that just makes me bored and angry Cause it never works Life gave me lemons And I said what the fuck do I do with these So I planted my lemons Now I’ve got a lemon tree Makes me want to burn down life’s […]

Death and Life

2 sides of the same coin There is no life without death And no death without life All things need a beginning All things need an end What is death but the end That gives a life meaning A life everlasting on this earth Would be without meaning to me What meaning does death give […]


Christians face 3 problems today They’re either hot for the wrong things Cold about damn near everything Or they’re lukewarm Those that are too hot Are on fire about the wrong things They talk more about hate than they do love That’s not what Jesus stood for Hate isn’t what he died for Love is […]

The Untouchable

What’s forever out of your reach What do you always strive for but Never seem to accomplish Is it someone Or something Is it inner peace Is it a better job Is it normalcy Normalcy is untouchable for me So is a sense of belonging I always seem to be on the outside Looking in […]