Welcome to the Mad Poet’s Street Corner


To the mad poets street corner. A site that is as much about poetry as it is life. This site documents my writings My struggles my hope and dreams. Throughout my strange and wonderful life my writing has been some of the best therapy I’ve ever had. I write just to write sometimes. Others I write a stream of consciousness that helps me work out my problems. May my words inspire you make you laugh and make you cry.

My fondest wish is that for some of you that they may help heal your heart the way they healed mine. In reading my words I pray that if you see yourself reflected there in that you may find hope. Hope in the knowledge that you’re not alone. And hope in the knowledge that all things eventually pass. That there is always a brighter day ahead.

Sometimes it seems that it may never come. But rest assured one day it will. I won’t lie to you and tell you that the road is easy. But I’m the end you’ll be glad you stayed. Come join me in my never ending pursuit of This Awful Beautiful Life.

The mask and the mirror

Can you feel it on your skin When the darkness settles in First the quiet then the pain Then you’re back in hell again No one ever knows the demons you fight You wear your mask so well We might find you in the shadows We might see you in the light But we’ll never…

They Ain’t Takin Over

They ain’t takin over My demons aren’t a match For me anymore I say goodbye to my darkest days  And say hello to brighter days Listen to me now as I wash away my fears They ain’t takin over My demons will begin To run and hide As I live my best life As I’ve…

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