I heard something interesting The other day about hope Hope is the belief that the future will be better And that you have the power to make it so Hope isn’t some vain wish in the dark Hope is the belief that you can affect the future In a positive way Hope is an essential […]

Heart Full of Questions

I have a heart full of questions What does it mean to be Christian In this day and age The book answer is simple To be a little Christ But the answer of living out Gets complicated and blurred for many To me however it’s simple 8 words break down the meaning of it They […]

Learning to Love yourself

Learning to love yourself It sounds so simple when said out loud It’s only 4 words after all Only 22 letters Only 6 syllables Yet it’s still a thing that has haunted mankind For generations If not all of time When your mind screams you’re not worthy When people say hurtful things When the intrusive […]

Love Won and Lost V3

I have loved with a love so passionate that it changed my life A love I never knew this once empty shell of a man was capable of A loner I’ve always been Always afraid to let others in Never trusting but those special few I lived so long under the weight of my demons […]

The Weight of it all

Sometimes the weight of it all comes crashing down The weight of expectations The weight of your hopes and fears The weight of your dreams Both new and old Broken and shattered New and full of life It all comes crashing together in waves Threatening to drown you Threatening to engulf you How do you […]

What is Pain

Pain is an inescapable fact of life Whether it be emotional, physical, or psychological Pain can build you up or tear you down Better or worse it’s always in the peripheral always there The fear of it governs us Controls us Our thoughts and our actions seek to avoid it But through it we learn […]

You make me

You make me want to be A better person good enough to deserve you You enable me to write To feel to live again Even if it doesn’t end the way I want it to I’ll always remember this I feel happy again excited to get up in the morning