The Weight of it all

Sometimes the weight of it all comes crashing down

The weight of expectations

The weight of your hopes and fears

The weight of your dreams

Both new and old

Broken and shattered

New and full of life

It all comes crashing together in waves

Threatening to drown you

Threatening to engulf you

How do you go on when you can’t stand it

How do you move forward

When you can’t see

Past your own failures and mistakes

How do you make a new beginning

When you can’t get past where you’re at

Do you follow a distant beat

Or do you make your own

When everything come crashing down

Where do you run

Where do you hide

How do you fight when there is not enemy

Just you

How do you pick yourself up

When you’re being crushed

Everyone around you seems to be fine

They’re all moving towards goals

And dreams

Living their life seemingly to the fullest

You struggle to make it through the day

To get up each morning and face the dawn of a new day

But you do it anyways

Each and every time

You struggle and fight

Because you don’t know how to stop

You’ve never been one to surrender

You fight till the bitter end

That’s how you move on

And forge a new path

That’s how you get up

By not backing down

Never surrendering

And never giving up

That’s how you make it out

How you make your escape

How you make your new beginning

Through the blood sweat and tears

Of your progress of your continuous fight

As you go the way gets easier

The light eventually comes out

And you can see your way again

Eventually you figure it out

Cause you have no other choice

Its just who you are

You’d prefer for it to be easier

But you’re not sure if you’d be able to stand it

It wouldn’t be quite right

And it wouldn’t be the same

You’re not sure how to get something

Without fighting for it

Without struggling

Eventually the weight

Becomes easier

Becomes bearable

Until you add more

Because you realize you can take it

Because after all you’ve been through

What good is your experience

And pain

If you don’t help others

Never give up

Never back down

Never surrender

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