Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like a failure even when you’re successful

Or talented

Impostor syndrome is a feeling of being out of your death

It is a feeling of inferiority

A fear that you are getting away with something

That you’re not able to do your job

That one day you will be discovered

That you’ll be found out for being bad at what you do

That they’ve found you out

That you’re nothing but a fraud

That you were never good enough

You just lucked into it

You’re just faking everything

And somehow getting away with it

That you’ll never actually be good at what you’re doing

That you’re actually failing

Even when you know you’re not

Its something that can actually be used for good

You can use it to push yourself

Using it eventually most people realize that they deserve what you have

Some of the most successful or brightest people have dealt with it

Maya Angelou

Albert Einstein

You probably do too

It doesn’t mean you don’t have self esteem

It just means you feel like you don’t deserve it

Or you didn’t earn it

I deal with it maybe you do too

When you don’t feel like you deserve it or earned it

Prove it to yourself

Prove that you are not an impostor

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