Ocean Depth

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Beautiful ocean

Dark blue

Light blue

White on top

Nothing around nothing in sight

Pitch black sky pitch black night

Pitch black water

Beyond the ships delight

Ships light the ocean as they cross

They change not the color

But they illuminate the water below

The water is life as alluded in every tale told throughout the ocean blue

And under the sky blue red dark and purple

Orange and terrifying dark and morbid

Bright and sunny

Yellow and cheerful

Water green

Water black

Water blue of so many hues

What do you run through

Like ships in the night

We flow through life

Passing by other like ships in the night

We are all islands unto ourselves

unless we open ourselves to loss and pain

To ourselves we say we have been broken and grown wise

To myself in the dead of night

When all my lies and prevention

All my airs and masks

Can’t help but fall

Fall and fail

Fall into the sea as I glide through

Riding the waves

Then I say I’m not broken and wise

I’m broken and leaking

Staying afloat only cause of a prayer

But its not mine

I prayed many a time

But rarely ever to just stay afloat

Usually to sink or rise above

But here we are

Finally starting to patch the many holes

Finally moving at speed

Finally getting to somewhere copacetic

We’re continuing on a journey

To a port unknown

Through water was filled with reefs sandbars

Underwater mountains that scrape the boat

And mines from some forgotten war

But by God if we’v e survived till now

We can keep going

Till out number is finally called

Till we reach the port that we don’t know

Maybe its a long ways away upon a greener shore

With a beautiful land to explore and go

Further onward and upward

Till we reach heights we never dreamed of

Maybe the road ends in the arms of someone dear

Maybe the last port of call

Is the middle of the ocean

On a quiet desolate night with no one in sight

With people grieving

At the news

Or maybe its a Quiet slip into desolation and a barren wasteland

With no whispers ever said of the sinking

Maybe its in the middle of a tumultuous storm

In the middle of a fleet

Maybe at the front or rear

Maybe in command

Maybe as an underling

Maybe its a sight a port of which I cannot comprehend

or see in the minds eye

Maybe we’re all ships in the night searching for another light

Looking for a lighthouse while avoiding the icebergs

Maybe I’m just crazy

But I think I’m a ship in the night

Heading to waters unknown

On a beautiful ocean



White on top

Black below

Clear in between

Everything I have ever seen or heard

Yet none of it.

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