Gilded Cage

Do you live in a gilded cage What was once supposed to be the dream Became a golden nightmare When did the nightmare come to fruition When did the walls close in Did the paint flake off first Showing cold iron Instead of gold Was it the long nights and days Was it the chances […]

The Burning Edge Of Dawn

When you’re trapped in endless night You’re always waiting on the burning edge of dawn You’re always waiting for the sun To show up like a bullet from a gun You’re always waiting on peace But never finding it For rain to fall down on the war-torn fields Through which you wander Trying your best […]

Be Kind to Yourself

You’re full of emotion That’s heaving like a raging ocean I can hear it in your spirit That if you had a choice you’d rather Be anyone else But I love the way I made your precious heart Be kind to yourself I know its hard to hear it When that anger in your spirit […]

A Journey Ended

Almost 11 years ago I set out on a journey One I never thought I would I started a career in Law Enforcement For almost 11 years I toiled and I struggled I gave my life to an organization with lofty goals That sometimes failed to live up to them I was there through thick […]

Fight the good fight

1st Timothy 6:12 How do you fight the good fight of faith How do you take hold of your eternal life To which you were called How do you fight the good fight When you’re struggling just to get through the day How do you redeem yourself When you feel like there is no hope […]

Thin Silver Line A Look Back

This job chews you up We see the worst of humanity Everyday we’re hated Just cause of the uniform we wear Every day called names And cussed at Suicide attempts Overdoses Fights Always on the lookout Always suspicious Paranoid Anxiety Depression Just a few gifts from 10 years Still I don’t know if I would […]


In all things give thanks Is what we are told But that’s easier said than done It’s hard to be thankful during struggles and hardship Its hard when Life is against you But God wants us to live with a different mindset Than the world He wants us to remember All the things we have […]

Beauty In Everything

Whenever you start to doubt  Whether life is good When you need a pick me up Go wander through nature Listen to the babbling brook To the whisper of the leaves falling To the chatters and chirps of the birds Listen to the chittering of the squirrels Listen to creation singing The praise of it’s […]

Battling Demons

What does it look like to battle your demons For ssome it looks just like a regular person They get up every day  Put a smile on and fight through their day For others its impossible to get up Everybody fights their own demons Whether they be  Depression Anxiety Alcoholism Addiction Bipolar PTSD Or something […]