A Singular Spear

 I remember a time when happiness was mine When all was bright and full of color When i thought the world was mine When I listened to love songs When they rang of truth For three long years They have rang of pain and loss The world turned from bright to shadows My life changed […]

Broken Beyond Repair

I am broken beyond repair I have seen your face and heard your voice But now you are as distant as a star The gulf between us is insurmountable Your voice I have not heard in years I cannot hear it Though I strain to Though I search for you I cannot find you Your […]


There’s this assumption that people who suffer from depression are scared or cowards. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say they took the cowards way out about someone who committed suicide. I tell you empathetically that no one who suffers from depression is a coward. To those who have never suffered from it you can’t understand. […]

A Toast to the Darkness

To the light at the end of the tunnels To the light at the top of the pits To the deepest and darkest pits of hell Into which we fall To the darkness before the light To the sunrise after the night To the tears we shed when we finally reach the end To the […]


I was isolated and alone Bereft and destitute Until I met you I can’t live without her It’s all meaningless Just sayings Suddenly true Give anything do anything Sacrifice everything Just for one night with You in my arms But I don’t deserve you And my demon frightens Even you my angel My demon gives […]

Diseased Mind

My mind is diseased Fractured and incoherent In a million billion pieces Many of them forgotten or lost Days weeks months and years Lost and misplaced What all have I forgotten What joys what sorrow What anguish what triumphs How much have I willingly banished From my conscious mind How much is just simply misplaced […]

Once, Twice, Thrice

Once twice thrice Third times the charm Bad or good everything comes in threes Once I almost took my life Once In a room with lights on I held a knife in my hand Tonight it ends Tonight it’s over A room with the lights on but it felt dark It was dark Bright as […]