Asking For Help

Asking For Help Asking for help Something so simple But so hard I’ve never liked the phrase a cry for help It makes it sound like you need pity But when you’re struggling with things mentally Whether its depression Bipolar PTSD Anxiety or anything else The last thing I feel for anyone is pity You […]

Different Battles

We all fight different battles We all fight the same war Making it through life with our hearts and minds intact Some battle depression Some battle anxiety Some battle bipolar disorder Some battle PTSD I battle depression and loneliness It is a fight that I have fought More times than I care to ever remember […]

Diseased Mind

My mind is diseased Fractured and incoherent In a million billion pieces Many of them forgotten or lost Days weeks months and years Lost and misplaced What all have I forgotten What joys what sorrow What anguish what triumphs How much have I willingly banished From my conscious mind How much is just simply misplaced […]