About me and The Mad Poet’s Street Corner

My name is Jordan Francis and I have been writing poetry off and on since I was around 13 years old, I believe.   I started this website after in February 2020 after putting it off for a long time.  I finally decided to put it together so that I could have an easy place to post my writing so that people could see it.  Since doing so it has helped encourage me to writer more and made me desire to publish even more. 

I grew up in North Texas which is a really vague statement if you’re not from Texas.  So instead we’ll say I grew up in the Dallas area in Plano Texas.  I graduated Highschool early and flunked out of college.  I love learning but it has to be something that interests me.  I worked part time in retail for a very long time until I got a job with Collin County Sheriff’s Office.  I’ve been working there since 2012.  I love my job and I look forward to a long career in Law Enforcement.  It really is something that gets in your blood.  And becomes a big part of who you are. 

It really opens your eyes to side of the world that most people prefer to not acknowledge.  I write free verse poetry though sometimes you will find things that are more like an article or an essay.   You will see recurring themes of loss, redemption, loneliness, love, hate, and depression.  They say to write what you know so that’s exactly what I do.   Some of the poems and writing will be very dark there are no warning on anything I don’t believe in warning labels on writing so there won’t be any. 

More about me as an individual I grew up camping several times a month it’s still something I love to do just hard to find time with my schedule and all of the overtime I work.  I love music what kind you ask all kinds my tastes are eclectic and varied.  Something I listen to a lot while i’m writing however is Bethel Music’s without words albums especially the first one. My playlists have been known to infuriate people because they’ll switch from country to pop to swing and crooners to techno music.   I suffer from depression but I am who I am because of it. Mental Illness and the stigmas around it are my biggest social concern.  I am a suicide attempt survivor but I don’t let that or my depression define me.  

I hope you enjoy your time here and want to come back posts are made when they’re made I don’t have a schedule but I try to write something every week and post it sometimes that won’t happen but that is the overall goal.