Posts with Audio.

This post will be stuck to the main page and as I go through and record audio for the various poems this list will be updated, with the current poems that have audio. Current poems with audio Self Isolation Once, Twice, Thrice

Once, Twice, Thrice

Once twice thrice Third times the charm Bad or good everything comes in threes Once I almost took my life Once In a room with lights on I held a knife in my hand Tonight it ends Tonight it’s over A room with the lights on but it felt dark It was dark Bright as […]

The mask and the mirror

Can you feel it on your skin When the darkness settles in First the quiet then the pain Then you’re back in hell again No one ever knows the demons you fight You wear your mask so well We might find you in the shadows We might see you in the light But we’ll never […]

They Ain’t Takin Over

They ain’t takin over My demons aren’t a match For me anymore I say goodbye to my darkest days  And say hello to brighter days Listen to me now as I wash away my fears They ain’t takin over My demons will begin To run and hide As I live my best life As I’ve […]

You gave your Life

You gave your life for mine Nailed to the cross and crucified For ones who weren’t worthy To the one who is worthy To the one crucified High praise we sing You stormed the gates of my heart You hold the keys to the grave Cause you bring things to life You’ve brought this dead […]

Waiting by the river

I’ve been throwing stones Waiting by the river Praying like a sinner Cause that’s what I am You can tell me that I’m healed That I’m washed in the blood Yet still I sun I wade out into the water Praying for a baptism Of the spirit Praying for the healing I so desperately wish […]

The pen

They say the pen is mighty Mightier than the sword Words can build a person up Or tear hem down They can celebrate and Condemn They are the ultimate tool The ultimate weapon Propaganda And truth Word both written and spoken Are always a double edged sword The words a man writes may outlast him […]


I built a castle made out of cards I watched it fall Then i built a castle out of sand Tall and proud Then i watched the ocean sweep it away Then I built a castle out of wood I watched it Burn Then i finally built a castle on a foundation of stone Brick […]

Golden Nightmares

What was once a golden dream Has turned into a golden nightmare Thoughts race through your head Was this really what I wanted Why did I ever want this When dreams become nightmares Hope is found wanting But hope never dies When nightmares become dreams Hope abounds And faith is restored Golden dreams Golden nightmares […]

The Power Of No

No is a powerful word It can be the proper answer To many questions Would you betray someone Would you cheat Would you lie Would you steal Will you go against your principles Some would say what you say yes to Makes you who you are I would argue the opposite What you say no […]

Gilded Cage

Do you live in a gilded cage What was once supposed to be the dream Became a golden nightmare When did the nightmare come to fruition When did the walls close in Did the paint flake off first Showing cold iron Instead of gold Was it the long nights and days Was it the chances […]