Suggestions Appreciated

If you have any suggestions for something for me to write about such as a word or phrase, I would greatly appreciate it if you send it to me.  I won’t promise you it’ll get made into something or that the end result will be something that you will recognize but if I use your […]

Murder of a Word?

A question we all struggle with Though we don’t always ask it in the same way How do you kill an idea Once something is breathed into existence How do you banish it from that Once something is given voice or thought It becomes alive It is not easily destroyed or removed from existence How […]


Introverted All my life I have been introverted Shunning most social events And most people But these days I long to be extroverted I long for the ease I see other people have in conversations And social interactions When I struggle to introduce myself  I struggle to speak I struggle to find the words But […]