Murder of a Word?

A question we all struggle with

Though we don’t always ask it in the same way

How do you kill an idea

Once something is breathed into existence

How do you banish it from that

Once something is given voice or thought

It becomes alive

It is not easily destroyed or removed from existence

How do you stop an idea from growing

How do you change the way something is thought about

How do you change the opinions and thought of others

Can you change them

Can you stop an idea once it is birthed

Or will it continually haunt the world

Long after you’ve left

Are some ideas worth killing

Are they worth ending

Or should they be left by the wayside

As the dying decaying husks

Some of them become

Should you teach about them

Should you show the folly inherent in them

And risk that someone might latch onto it

And try to breath life into it again

If I could kill a word

If you could kill a word

What words

What ideas

Would you choose

How would you accomplish it

Its an idea that haunts us

An idea that backfires

Is it an idea in and of itself that needs to disappear

If were able to destroy a word

Would the action of it disappear

Or would it survive

But no longer with a name

An idea that you could no longer express eating away at you

If you could kill a word

Would you

If you could rid the world of the word hate

What would it change

If you could erase it

From the zeitgeist

What good would it do

What harm would it do

Would it change the way we perceive the world

Would it help

Or would it make it worse

Thanks go to my Brother John Francis if anyone is interested he has a blog at https:// for the suggestion of the word murder. And even more thanks to one of my best friends Ashley Husband for fleshing the Idea out a little more so that I had something interesting to write.

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