What is regret

To think of something with a sense of loss or remorse

If you could go back and change all the things that you regret would you

How would your life change

How would mine

We’ve all done things that we regret

But even our regrets shape us

They can teach us important lessons

Or remind us of what could have been

Sometimes we regret an action we did or didn’t take

We regret a path that we didn’t choose

I regret that I never graduated from college

What would I be doing if I had though

How would I be changed if I had

Would I have found the same job and same purpose I have now

Would I still be writing

Or would I spend all of my days in an office

Wishing I had done something different

I regret not so much the things that I have done

As the things I have not

I regret more the things I wanted to do

But never pushed myself to do

I wanted to go skydiving on the anniversary of my missed collision with death

But I didn’t because I’m scared of heights

The idea of jumping out of a perfectly good plane

Of trusting myself to a bunch of fabric and harnesses

Thrills me with excitement and horror

Will I ever do it I don’t know

I regret not chasing after certain people in my life

Because I was too scared

To hurt

To lost

To know what to do

Where would I be if I had

Would I be a better or worse version of myself

Regrets are things that terrified us at one point sometimes they still do

Did I lose my 1 chance at happiness when I didn’t chase after her

Would my life have been better if I had finished school

If I had applied myself

And pushed myself

Would I be where I want to be

Would I be where I am

Still chasing after answers in the dark

Never finding them

Would I have the answers to my questions

Or would I have new ones

Do I regret the fact that I have regrets


I don’t regret them I regret things that I might have missed or did miss

But I don’t fell sorrowful that I have regrets

Though I wish I could go back and change things

I’m not sure I would

Even if I could

Because as much as things suck sometimes

I like where I am now

So sometimes I don’t even regret the paths I didn’t take

The choices I didn’t make

Because I am here

I am alive

And there will always new paths to take

New choices to make

If I dwell on regrets

I might miss the here and now

I might miss the path I want

Because I was to hung up on a regret

And couldn’t see the choice I wanted to make

So, I do my best to live with no regrets

But I don’t forget them entirely

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