Can you hear the cacophony

The dissonance of the many

The smooth as honey tongues of

False preachers and prophets

That promise only prosperity

If it sounds to good to be true it is

They preach with their silver tongues

Spewing forth bile that smells sickly sweet

The masses lick it up as they are

Led down the highway to hell

Good intentions by the followers ring empty

As their Ill gotten Theology spoils

Fresh from the mouth that utters it

But what to do

How to tell good theology from bad

Look upon the scriptures take them as a whole

Remember Jesus said your life will not be easy

Persecution will be yours

He does not promise riches

On this earth nor does he promise prosperity

He promises a full life

But he does not promise an enviable life

For narrow is the gate and narrow the way

When they promise something or tell you something

Take it in the context it was written

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