I hope

I hope one day I find you

I hope one day I know you

I wish to see you 

I wish to find you

But hopes and wishes

Accomplish little

They are passive actions

That bring about nothing

I would say I pray 

But that’s a lie

I seldom do

It seems so useless to me

I serve an omnipotent God

Why do I need to voice my prayers

Still I hope

Still I dream 

Still I wish

Upon a falling star

To meet someone who completes me

Who fills the holes in me

Who is strong where I am weak

Someone who I can spend my life with

Yet every passing year

The hope dies a little more

Where are they

Tell me and I’ll go

I would cross every mountain

Every river

Every stream and every ocean

To find them 

Yet I don’t know where to start

What do I do 

Where do you go 

Who do you turn to 

To find someone you don’t know

Who you hope exists

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