I heard something interesting

The other day about hope

Hope is the belief that the future will be better

And that you have the power to make it so

Hope isn’t some vain wish in the dark

Hope is the belief that you can affect the future

In a positive way

Hope is an essential part of the human condition

The belief that things will be better tomorrow

Without it, it’s hard to continue

But not impossible

As I’ve said beforeIn the absence of hope

Sometime spite works just as well

That human ability to spit

In the face of the universe and

Say things are shit

But fuck it

You ain’t keeping me down

That I’m itself is it’s own kind of hope

A strange kind to be sure

But one nevertheless

It takes a special person

To run on that kind of hope though

There’s little to no thought of

It becoming better just

The will to soldier on despite of the odds

Despite of the injustice

Despite all of the hullabaloo

You continue on

Soldering on to the bitter end

Aye you hope and pray things get better

But it’s been so beat out of you

It’s hard to imagine it

So you live on that spite

Declaring I’m still here

I’m not dead yet

And while I still breathe

I continue on

Always pressing onward and upward

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