Golden Nightmares

What was once a golden dream

Has turned into a golden nightmare

Thoughts race through your head

Was this really what I wanted

Why did I ever want this

When dreams become nightmares

Hope is found wanting

But hope never dies

When nightmares become dreams

Hope abounds

And faith is restored

Golden dreams

Golden nightmares

2 sides of the same coin

Flip the coin which side do you land on

Golden dream where everything is as you had wished

And it is glorious

Golden nightmare

Where you got what you wanted

But it turned into a living nightmare

That relationship that once seemed

So perfect

Now exposed as rotten

And toxic

That job that seemed so great

Now haunting your waking hours

To the point you dread it

The golden monotony of a job you hate

The golden rot of a person you once loved

Wishing you could go back to it

As you look through rose colored glasses

Ignoring red flags

Golden nightmares abound

But so do golden dreams

So often we go into situations with our eyes wide shut

Only wanting to see the good

That’s how you end up in golden nightmares

GO through life with your eyes wide open

So you may find the golden dreams

So easily hidden among the golden nightmares

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