Dead Rose

Dead Rose Once so vibrant You stretched towards the sky Your petals spread wide But the world beat you down Now you’re downcast Facing the ground Your petals are falling But there’s hope yet I saw your petals fall Now I see you broken Just like me Now we’ve met again and I see Your […]


Tossed by the tempests of life A victim of storms I contrive So I go on pressing through the hurricane Through the tornado Looking for the eye of the storm For I find peace within A life I have lived I don’t care if people remember my name I have lived so let me die […]

The precipice

Feels like I’m on the edge now The edge of a precipice The edge of something great Or something horrible I can’t tell which I know how I got here But I don’t know Whether to take the plunge Or scramble back from the edge All below is shrouded with fog Could be just a […]

Breathe again

You’re reeling from the pain The loss of a friend The loss of a partner Of a parent The loss of something Just sit down Try to breathe Let the pain wash over in waves Let the grief consume If only for a moment If you deny it, it will consume you entirely Just breathe […]