Tossed by the tempests of life

A victim of storms I contrive

So I go on pressing through the hurricane

Through the tornado

Looking for the eye of the storm

For I find peace within

A life I have lived

I don’t care if people remember my name

I have lived so let me die within the storms

I have contrived

I go on pressing through

So you can be saved

I fight against the ocean

Its just me against the sea and the storm

I’ve never been one to give up

I’ve only ever given up once

Of all the virtues I lack

The will and the need to fight

Has only once been lacking

To fight has always been my anchor

Pressing on through the wind and the waves

I’ve never asked anyone to save me

I’ve asked for a bucket

To bail the ocean out of my boat

I’ve asked for an oar

But no one else’s will

Can save me from the storms I have made

I have lived

So let me go if

It means you will be saved

I’ll never cease to fight the storms

Let my life be a lesson

Let it not be a burden

Let me be an inspiration even when I fail

Inspired by the song Let Me Die by the Classic Crime

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