Different Battles

We all fight different battles

We all fight the same war

Making it through life with our hearts and minds intact

Some battle depression

Some battle anxiety

Some battle bipolar disorder

Some battle PTSD

I battle depression and loneliness

It is a fight that I have fought

More times than I care to ever remember

Some days are easy some days are hard

Some days it’s a struggle to get out of bed

And face another day

Others its barely even an afterthought to the day

Sometimes I wake up and can hop right out of bed

I feel hopeful and full of energy

Others I don’t want to do anything

But I still do

We all fight different battles

But we all fight the same wars

Some succumb

Some conquer

But all struggle

All have fought

And all have lost

And all have won

The only questions

Are do you reach out

To help your brother

Your sister

Or do you leave them to drown in the mire

Of their own suffering

Because they’re losing

Their battle

Do you leave your fellows behind

Or do you say no

No one gets left behind

Not while I can still breathe

Not while I can still stand

Not while I can do anything at all

If I have to

I will crawl down

Into their deepest

Darkest pit

And crawl

Back out of the hole

Bleeding and exhausted

But we’re all going home

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