Asking For Help

Asking For Help

Asking for help

Something so simple

But so hard

I’ve never liked the phrase a cry for help

It makes it sound like you need pity

But when you’re struggling with things mentally

Whether its depression



Anxiety or anything else

The last thing I feel for anyone is pity

You don’t need pity

And you almost certainly don’t want it

When we struggle with these things sometimes its years before we ever want to seek help

You don’t need pity

You’ve fought a long hard battle

Against yourself against these thoughts in your mind

That you never asked for that you hate

That beat you down and beat you up

Voices and thoughts in your mind

That call you a failure

Call you stupid

Tell you you’re worthless

That you don’t deserve love or happiness

Or anything else

To ask for help

To reach out and say that you need it

That you want it

It’s not helplessness

It’s not cowardice

Its strength and bravery

Its admitting to yourself and the world

That you’re tired of fighting on your own

That you need help

To borrow something, I read online years ago

 That has always helped me

“How is that helpless?  I think that’s incredible.  You’re like a Marine that’s been trapped behind enemy lines, You’ve lost your gun, You’re out of ammo.  You’re malnourished and you’ve probably caught some virus that’s making you hallucinate giant spiders the size of cars.  And still you’re out there fighting miles behind enemy lines.  Years since you’ve seen a friendly face.  Just saying GIVE ME A STICK!  I’m not giving up out here.  I’m not dying out here!  “A cry for help” makes it sound like I’m supposed to pity you.  But you don’t need pity.  Asking for help is the will to survive.  The will that’s kept you alive and going through all of this.  It’s the reason Humans are the dominate species on the planet.   WITH NO HOPE RUNNING ON NOTHING You’re still ready to cut through a thousand miles of jungle with nothing but a stick if that’s what it take to make it out alive.  ALL I’M DOING IS GIVING OUT STICKS YOURE THE ONE STAYING ALIVE.

Asking for help

Whether its from a friend

A doctor

A family member

Or anyone else

Will always be one of the hardest things you ever do

But one of the best you can ever do

With everything I write every word I say

I want to shout into the void

I’m here I’m here to give you stick

I’m here to help

All you need to do is ask




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