Dead Rose

Dead Rose

Once so vibrant

You stretched towards the sky

Your petals spread wide

But the world beat you down

Now you’re downcast

Facing the ground

Your petals are falling

But there’s hope yet

I saw your petals fall

Now I see you broken

Just like me

Now we’ve met again and I see

Your potential

As you see mine

We see the past glory

And the future ever vibrant

So we watered

Each others roots

With the tears from our pasts

Our broken petals

Contributing to our new growth together

So that we can both the face the sun together

Let the petals fall as they may

That is bound to happen

But together we grow intertwined towards

A new day

Ever more vibrant

Ever more we grow onwards and upwards

Reaching new heights together

Lean on me and I’ll lean on you

Both of us leaving our pasts together in the dust

Looking towards our bright future

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