Are we destined

For some greater purpose

Are we predestined to something

Are we creatures without agency

Doomed to a future written long ago

Or outside of time itself

Are we destined to meet someone

But we choose the wrong person

How does predeterminism

Coincide with free will

How does my agency work with

A future planned for me by God

If I make the wrong choice how does

Good come about

All things work together for good for those who love God

But how

How can my many mistakes and regrets fit into

A purpose

Whose sight is yet unseen

I trust in faith

But doubt in flesh and blood

I doubt myself

To make the right choice

I doubt destiny and fate

Yet am moved by an unseen hand all the same

We are but pieces on a board playing a game

We can never hope to fully grasp

God laughs at the plans of men

For he has his own plans

Which we fit into whether we like it or not

How many mistakes can I make

And still reach the goal

How can I reach a goal I cannot see or dream of

A goal beyond my reckoning

High or low I know not which

Until the goal is reached

Alas even then

I may never know in this life

Uncertainty fills my bones

And herds me to the cliff of indecision

Are we destined to be something

To meet someone

I think so

But the flesh doubts

Things which it cannot see

 So the spirit seeks the light of faith

To light the path

Towards a great unknown

Towards a reckoning

When will the reckoning appear

When do I get a day of reconciliation

Between my doubts and fate

When or if they coincide what will that look like

I look forward to it

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