Gilded Cage

Do you live in a gilded cage

What was once supposed to be the dream

Became a golden nightmare

When did the nightmare come to fruition

When did the walls close in

Did the paint flake off first

Showing cold iron

Instead of gold

Was it the long nights and days

Was it the chances missed

The firsts missed

The first birth

The first steps

The missed holidays

Tell me do you miss the days when the cage

Was still gold

When hope abounded

When pride helped push you through

When the world still had a shine to it

Before you found the dark recesses hidden within

Before you saw the faces of evil men

Face to face

Do you miss the trust

You could so easily misplace

Before you entered your Gilded Cage

Do you yearn to be set free

Or would you do it all over again

Enter the Gilded Cage

Knowing what you know now

Knowing the pain and hurt that lie inside

Would you take on the mantle once again

Or would you shirk it for

Blindness and ignorance

All so you never had to enter

The Gilded Cage

Tell me what is your Gilded Cage

Mine was Law Enforcement

Would I do it again yes

Would you

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