Waiting by the river

I’ve been throwing stones Waiting by the river Praying like a sinner Cause that’s what I am You can tell me that I’m healed That I’m washed in the blood Yet still I sun I wade out into the water Praying for a baptism Of the spirit Praying for the healing I so desperately wish […]

The pen

They say the pen is mighty Mightier than the sword Words can build a person up Or tear hem down They can celebrate and Condemn They are the ultimate tool The ultimate weapon Propaganda And truth Word both written and spoken Are always a double edged sword The words a man writes may outlast him […]


I built a castle made out of cards I watched it fall Then i built a castle out of sand Tall and proud Then i watched the ocean sweep it away Then I built a castle out of wood I watched it Burn Then i finally built a castle on a foundation of stone Brick […]