The pen

They say the pen is mighty

Mightier than the sword

Words can build a person up

Or tear hem down

They can celebrate and


They are the ultimate tool

The ultimate weapon


And truth

Word both written and spoken

Are always a double edged sword

The words a man writes may outlast him a

Thousand times over

There are books and ideologies

That have outlasted every effort to

Destroy them

The pen is indeed mighty

So i use it for better ends

I write to give messages of hope

Of belonging

Of meaning

But sometimes

I wonder if all

I write is but a house of cards

Awaiting the breath that knocks them all down

Will my words last

Or will they fade away

Will they disappear

Like a grain of sand on the beach

Like a wisp of smoke on a windy day

The vapor from a breath in the desert’

Will i be the poet that changes the world

Or am I doomed to obscurity

Will i have any effect upon this world

What will my effect look like

What will my words accomplish

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