I built a castle made out of cards

I watched it fall

Then i built a castle out of sand

Tall and proud

Then i watched the ocean sweep it away

Then I built a castle out of wood

I watched it Burn

Then i finally built a castle on a foundation of stone

Brick by brick

I rebuilt my castle

Stone by stone

I made my keep

I built my walls

I built towers

And parapets

Gatehouses and outer walls

Then i dug my moat

But alas i built my fortress too strong

For it intimidates

Friends and foes alike

I built the walls so high

And so thick

It’s hard to reach out

This castle meant to defend

Isolates and destroys

Me from within

So stone by stone

Brick by brick

I dismantle the walls and fill in the moat

I want to be able to reach out

I want to be able to pull others in

I want to share the comfort of my keep

But alas i built it for one

Now i build for a multitude

So that others may come and rest

When they are weak

When they not stand

When they feel faint

May they rest here

May they find comfort

May i no longer turn others away

I want to be the fortress that

People run to

Not from

So i build my castle anew

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