Caged like an animal inside the zoo

Pacing back and forth

Mulling over and over what was done wrong In the past

Hoping for a brighter day

Hoping for God to bless me with someone

Strike out at all who come close

Drive them all away

Will it ever come

The blessing from God

Or doomed am I
 As I pace this cage

To drive all away and die all alone

With not a tear shed

Would you could you help

Or would you run away

Would you stay or do you run

Who am I

That life means something

Help me I cry

As I pace
 I cry out

I strike out another and drive them away

Will you leave too or will you stay

This night I plead

Do not leave my side

Though I drive thee away

For without thee I am nothing

Nothing but a shadow of a man

Even then just a vapor in the wind

Caged am I

Will I ever escape

Will you be the one who helps

Who stays by me

Whom I cannot send away

Stay by me

Stay by my side

For I need you now

For I cannot escape on my own

For without you I am powerless

I am nothing
 but the lowest of the low

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