The precipice

Feels like I’m on the edge now

The edge of a precipice

The edge of something great

Or something horrible

I can’t tell which

I know how I got here

But I don’t know

Whether to take the plunge

Or scramble back from the edge

All below is shrouded with fog

Could be just a few feet

Or hundreds

What waits below

Off the edge

Is it joy

Is it hope

Or is it sorrow and loss

No way to know unless you jump off the edge

And surrender to the great unknown

I leapt off of one 2 months ago

Am I ready to leap off another one

Am I ready to try and fly again

To soar like I was intended to do

Or will I drop like a rock like I so often have

Oh to soar on wings like an eagle

It’s all I’ve ever wanted

Yet it’s always seemed so far out of reach

How do you fly

How do you soar

When your feet are firmly attached to the ground

When all you seem to do is fail downwards

How do you go up

How do you summon the strength to move on

The courage to take a leap

Off of a precipice

When you feel like lead weights are attached

How do you run

How do you jump

How do you go on

I could be amazing

If I just found the strength to jump again

If I can just fly this time

Just this once

So I’m going to take a leap of faith again

Jump right off this precipice

Into the great unknown

Stretch out my arms and try to fly

All I need is a lot of bravery and a little hope

And a lot of spite

Lets prove them wrong and show

Them up one last time

Inspired by The classic Crime’s song The Precipice

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