Heart Full of Questions

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

I have a heart full of questions

What does it mean to be Christian

In this day and age

The book answer is simple

To be a little Christ

But the answer of living out

Gets complicated and blurred for many

To me however it’s simple

8 words break down the meaning of it

They break down the message of Christ

They breathe life and simplicity

they bring understanding, hope, and purpose

Love God, Love People, Live to Serve Cheerfully

Love God 

Love the Great I AM

Love all of the People around you

Spend your life serving those around you

Serve cheerfully

So that they might see the light you carry

Show other the peace and love you hold

Through your service

So often the second part of the message gets lost though

Most of us love only specific people and hate others

Hold no hate in your heart

Hate is a waste of space, time, and energy

It requires effort

God commanded us to love all people 

Those we disagree with

Those who sin

Those who live

And those that have died

That does not mean that they have to be treated 

Like our loved ones

It can mean a great many things

Showing kindness and affection to those we see

Welcoming all to our church

Welcoming all to break bread with us

For Jesus ate with sinners and Tax Collectors

Are you any better

Have a heart for the lonely

The weak

The poor

The downtrodden

For me Loving People is often bound up with my job

I keep all safe

I watch to see if something changes

I ask how they’re doing

I care about their Mental Health and their Physical Health

That doesn’t mean I’ll do everything for them

Like i would for my loved ones

But i care about them

Because they are still God’s children

Even if they run from him

We are all God’s Children

we all deserve the Love and peace

That God gIves us

God wants us all to be citizens

Of his kingdom

Here and now 

And also when it comes and the whole 

Earth is changed

Credit to Tim Groves for the suggestion of the song Citizens by Jon Guerra.

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