The Untouchable

What’s forever out of your reach

What do you always strive for but

Never seem to accomplish

Is it someone

Or something

Is it inner peace

Is it a better job

Is it normalcy

Normalcy is untouchable for me

So is a sense of belonging

I always seem to be on the outside

Looking in

Never seeming to fit in

Never seeming to belong

Happiness is another It always seems just out of reach

If I can achieve this

If I can gain that

If I can sell so many books

Then I’ll be happy

Then I’ll feel like I belong

Then I’ll know where I belong

Then I’ll finally achieve it

Find the support I need

And achieve all my hopes

Prayers and dreams

But like I said its always just out of reach

It always seems to move when I approach

The bars change themselves

And the goalposts move further away

Its untouchable


But still I strive for it

Still I run walk and limp towards an ever moving goalpost

What else can I do

If you’re not moving

You’re not growing

If you’re not growing

You’re stagnant

You’re lukewarm

Neither hot nor cold

And displeasing

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