Christians face 3 problems today

They’re either hot for the wrong things

Cold about damn near everything

Or they’re lukewarm

Those that are too hot

Are on fire about the wrong things

They talk more about hate than they do love

That’s not what Jesus stood for

Hate isn’t what he died for

Love is what he died for

Love for all people

Regardless of what sin they commit

Jesus died for Love to save us from ourselves

Cold Christians are content to live their

Quiet lives content to not change a thing about the world

Content to live in their apathy

We were not called to live quiet lives

Look at the author and founder of our faith

He did not leave a quiet life

He was bold

He was decisive and divisive

He shook the world to it’s foundations

And still does so to this day

Lukewarm when you are neither one or the other

Somehow you’re in between

But still doing a piss poor job of it

How I wish to be on fire for the right things

But I’m part of the problem I’m neither hot nor cold

I’m lukewarm

I show up to church every Sunday but I do nothing

I love my God

I have seen and felt his mighty hand

But I do nothing

I’d say I was cold

But I ‘m not content to leave the world

In its status quo

I want to shake this world to its very core

I want to help ignite a revolution

In the souls of humankind

I want us to be on fire about love

About acceptance

I want us to love the downtrodden and take care of them

I want us to hold and heal the broken

I want to do all of these things

But I don’t know how

So I write

Hoping one day It’ll spark a fire

Which grows into a bonfire

That from afar looks like a forest fire

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