When all of our flaws are laid out

One by one

We see the wonderful part of the mess

That is us

Our flaws are tied to us intrinsically

Some of us wear our flaws on our sleeves

Some of us bury them deep within

The ground

But we cannot separate

Ourselves from 

Them completely

Some are inherited

Some are learned

Others are thrust upon us

But they’re all a part of the beautiful whole

The beautiful mess

That is us

They remind of us

Where we’ve come from

Of where we’ve yet to go

Of wounds taken

Of wounds healed

What do your flaws speak of

But never forget that we can overcome

Them with hard work and grit

We can change the beautiful mess

Into a more perfect whole

Like kintsugi

Or Golden joinery

We can work on ourselves and become more whole

Letting the flaws shine like gold

Show the ways you have

Put yourself back together again

Show off the scars

And shine like a star

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