Kindred Souls

It’s not often you meet a kindred soul

Someone who’s been through the same

Trials and tribulations you have

Who’s persevered

It’s both often you can find someone

Who’s just a friend and thats all they are

But your experiences match up so well

That its like you’ve been through

The same shit as each other

Over and over

When you find these kindred spirits

Your heart soars

Because you’ve found someone who Sings

The same song of pain and joy that you do

Someone who you can talk to

Who understands when you lay bare the

Darkest and brightest corners of your soul

Who sees you as you are and sees the

Struggles they’ve been through and understands

The pains

The joys

The sorrows

The mountains and

The pits to which you’ve

Climbed and fallen

Where there is no juedgements

Just peace and understanding

How your soul cries out

When you find these kindred spirits

When you find them hold tight

Because they feed your soul

They help provide the strength to go on

So that you don’t survive on hate and spite alone

Yes you can do so

But thats no way to live

Trust me I’ve been there

Live with hope and joy

Live with understanding and shared burdens

Don’t live out of spite and hate

You can survive but its no way to live.

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