Green Spaces

Green spaces 

There is nothing quite like them

Places to rejuvenate and and revitalize

There are few things as wonderful

As a hammock in a breeze

Swaying gently listening to the sounds of nature

Reveling in the beauty and wonder of nature

There is much wisdom in the idea of greenbelts or greenways

In this modern life so often

We neglect to connect with the outdoors

When quite often that is exactly what we need 

A nice long walk through the woods and trees

Listening to the sounds of the world around us

Not the the hustle and bustle

The cars and horns

The shrill beeps and quit clicks

The trills and vibrations of our phones

The ever constant notifications of someone or something

The constant Cacophony of Modern Life

Harsh and Dissonant rushed and cramped

Retreat into nature for an hour or 2 

Let the peace and stillness of life surround you

Listen to the silent song

Of a World at peace

Singing the praise of it’s creator

Enjoy the green spaces

The Desert plains the Mountains

Rivers and Streams

Come join me in a revolution

Not against some great power

Or a harsh dictator

Nor an Authoritarian Dictator

Join me in taking time each week 

Sitting still or walking through the greenspaces

Letting the natural peace of this World fill you

Listen to the world singing in praise

Listen and let it be

Let the music flood and overwhelm your soul

Let your voice either quietly or out loud 

Join the chorus of Natures song

For remember what Jesus said of the rocks 

“I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40 NASB 1995

Join me in the green spaces

Let your soul rejuvenate

For we were not made for concrete and steel canyons

But for trees and grass

For fields and plains

Rivers and streams

Not asphalt and sidewalks

Credit to Mel Hall Brooks the 3rd for the inspiration for this poem from his suggestions on camping.

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