Stand for something or sacrifice everything

You’ve heard it before

Hell you’ve probably said it at some point

We’ve all met those wishy washy people

That just go with the flow

They don’t seem to have any standards

Any real beliefs

Sometime I wonder what it’s like 

To go through life with so little conviction

That you can barely stand for anything

Do they even realize

How they are perceived

Our world stands on the brink of many precipices

Far too many to count

Where would i even begin

I don’t know and i hesitate to state them

Because my goal for my writing has always been for it to be accessible to all

I show very few stances here

But I am a man of conviction 

Through Christ let me 

Be all things to all people

So that i may save some

Let my words shine as a light 

Onto darkened paths

So i may lead some 

To brighter days

And clearer paths

So my writings shall

Always be apolitical

So they may remain all things to all people

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